Automated Self-Disinfecting Door Handle System

Protect Your Space with Innovative UV-C Technology

Automated Self-Disinfecting Door Handle System

Protect Your Space with Innovative UV-C Technology

Automated Self-Disinfecting Door Handle System

Protect Your Space with Innovative
UV-C Technology

University of Arizona Research

In the 2014 study conducted at the University of Arizona, researchers applied samples of a virus to doorknobs and tabletops.

Within two to four hours, the virus had been picked up by 40 to 60 percent of workers and visitors in the facilities and could be detected on other frequently touched objects.

Guardians of the Gate





100% Safe for Human Hands

360° UVC Cleaning Coverage ✔

Powerful Eco-Friendly Technology ✔

About Safetouch

Our product is fitted with a Proximity Sensor, which once detecting the hand of  the user, the UV Set Ring, containing the UV-C Light; moves upwards & downwards, along the touched surface of the door handle. UV-C Light present inside the system sanitizes any potential infections from the user.

Once finished sanitizing, it is once again ready for public use. The sanitization process of the UV-C Light can also be set at various pre-determined intervals.

  • Kills Germs, Microbes, Bacteria & Harmful Viruses
  • More than 99.99% COVID-19 Disinfection
  • Smart, Automated, Self-Disinfecting
  • High Quality Durable Material
  • Easy & Rapid Installation

Why You Should Avoid Door Handle Germs?

According to some estimates, people in industrialized nations spend as much as 90 percent of their time indoors. That means people are constantly touching and retouching surfaces, producing fomites in homes, workplaces, health care facilities, and schools.

Each contact has the potential to leave behind and pass along droplets from a sneeze or cough. Surfaces also collect particles that people can emit by just talking or exhaling. These droplets can contain a number of illness-inducing germs.

Do you want to do this all over again?

Don’t Worry, We’ll Handle it


How Standard Sanitization Fails to Protect You

Even with standard methods of cleaning, bacteria was proven to be detected on over 20% of door handles.

Up to 30% of surfaces remain potentially contaminated due to the inability of existing disinfectants to effectively rid the handle of all pathogens.

Highly-touch surfaces need to be disinfected on a more frequent basis than minimal touch surfaces.


Bacteria on Surfaces


Bacteria on Door Handle

About UVSet

UVSet Inc is the brainchild of young inventors who looked to make a meaningful contribution to their community by preventing the spread of infection during the Global Pandemic.

In 2020, COVID-19 burst into our lives and the world came to a standstill. Public places were closed. Businesses were shut down. The world went into lockdown in fear that they would catch this new, quickly spreading disease.

That’s when Manish Rangan, Aiman Khan, Humza Sheikh, & Vihan Yerubandi, along with DiscoverSTEM co-founders, Hisham Ahmad & Mirza Faizan came together to innovate a product that would limit the spread of COVID-19 and all other diseases. Months were spent analyzing patterns of disease spread and the threat those patterns posed to the world.

Working backwards, these young innovators first identified the largest congregation of disease spread – door handles. From here, they devised this UV-C light-based system that will reduce the impact of the pandemic and aid the world in returning to normality.

According to a study done by the national science agency of Australia, COVID can last up to 28 days on glass surfaces.

The virus that causes COVID-19 can survive on banknotes, glass and stainless steel for up to 28 days, much longer than the flu virus. Australian researchers said on Monday, highlighting the need for frequent cleaning and handwashing.

Clinically Proven UVC Technology for 99.99% disinfection of Doors

Our Product can be used on most types of door handles with differing Horizontal & Vertical Configurations.

( C & Offset Door Handles Primary Market)

According to a recent study, Covid-19 can survive for 3 Days on Plastic & Metals

In another Study, Researchers found that a related strand of Covid-19 that causes SARS can persist up to 9 Days on Plastic & steel.

Testimonials From Our Clients

Implementing automated door handle sanitizers in our emergency response department has been one of the wisest decisions we have taken. While handling emergencies, our staff may not be completely alert to take care of sanitization. That’s where automatic door handles prevent the risk of spreading infection and taking care of our staff as well as patients.

Cedarwood Surgery Center

Our new door handle sanitizer has made an enormous difference in maintaining a sterile environment. It has elevated the trust of our patients, as they feel more safe and secure knowing that an additional layer of disinfection is already present.


We were stunned to know how a simple door handle can be an epicenter of infection. We tried UVSET SafeTouch to reduce the risk of spreading infection, and we are very happy with the results. Being clinically proven, this product maximizes safety our patients and staff members.

Coppell ER- Emergency Room

UVSET SafeTouch automated door handle sanitizer came as an enormous blessing during COVID-19 and continues to play a critical role in preventing infections. All our staff, visitors, and patients have appreciated our effort to add a strong layer of protection against germs. Totally worth it.

Medical Village Surgery Center

Installation of SafeTouch Door Handle Sanitizer was quick and easy. It is very user-friendly and incredibly effective in preventing the mass spread of infections. I would recommend this product to any clinics, hospitals, and medical facilities.

ER of Mesquite - Emergency Room

Emergency Response Departments in any healthcare facility are highly prone to contaminations and spreading of infections. A simple, yet very powerful and ingenious way to tackle this challenge is UVSET SafeTouch. Our patients and their families, staff and visitors have noticed this additional layer of safety and are appreciative of our proactive measures to protect their health.

Crescent Regional Hospital






Manish Rangan

Manish Rangan

Chief Executive Officer

I am a 16 year old Junior at Reedy High School in Frisco, Texas. I recently graduated out of the DiscoverStem program, one which has seen many young innovators emerge with patents. The new and unique approach to innovation and general thinking that I received from the year long experience has now set my sights on something bigger — analyzing customer pain points in order to legitimize innovations that change the world for good.

Vihan Yerubandi

Vihan Yerubandi

Chief Financial Officer

I am a 16 year old Junior at Carroll Senior Highschool in Southlake, Texas. Being in DiscoverSTEM opened up my eyes to a whole new way of looking at real-world problems and making an impact in the world through innovation. DiscoverSTEM enabled me to traverse from ideation to innovation by collectively brainstorming and collaborating with likeminded individuals. Throughout my life, I have been in interested in many things such as reading books, interacting with people, learning about new cultures and DiscoverSTEM has added one more interest called Innovation to that ever growing list

Humza Sheikh

Humza Sheikh

Chief Technical Officer

I am a 16 year old sophomore at Carroll High School in Southlake, Texas. I am a recent graduate of the DiscoverStem program, one in which students are exposed to the processes of design and are able to obtain a patent. The unique approach I have gained from DiscoverStem, and other programs throughout my academic career have given me an outlook on life that motivates me to take an holistic approach to help others in the ways I am able.

Hisham Ahmad

Hisham Ahmad

Chief Marketing Officer

17-year-old Hisham Ahmad is a serial innovator, entrepreneur, Forbes book author, educator, and philanthropist. He is considered one of the youngest innovators and thought leaders in America. Hisham is one of the co-founders & CMO of UVSET, a company that developed automated door handle sanitizer. His innovation pitch for UVSET was judged among the ‘Top 80 Most Innovative Products Supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals’ at the ‘Oslo Innovation Week’ in 2022. Hisham & UVSET is currently working with many healthcare establishments to reduce hospital-acquired infections through his innovative solutions.

As a Co-Founder of DiscoverSTEM, he has spurred the organization’s growth, fueled by developing and securing valuable intellectual property. He has led the team and empowered young minds, fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among teenagers. As an innovator, he has 3 patents granted and 8 patents pending in the United States and other countries.

Hisham has authored a book ‘Misfit Mogul’, published by Forbes. In this book, Hisham touches on certain aspects of his biography and an inspiring story about how being a ‘misfit’ in school doesn’t mean the end of the world. He endorses that we can still make it big using the power of innovation & entrepreneurship.

As a generational philanthropist, Hisham has established HFA – an international foundation that provides economic opportunities and education to underprivileged communities worldwide. His initiatives include founding schools and developing shelters for orphans and homeless individuals.

Hisham has a proven track record of success in business ventures, research & development, and student mentorship. Hisham’s distinguished laurels and achievements at such a young age make him one of the brightest young minds in the United States and the world.


Aiman Khan

Aiman Khan

Chief Operative Officer

I have recently completed my Master’s of Science in Engineering Technology with a concentration in Mechanical Systems at the University of North Texas. Also, I did a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and additionally, I received a Certificate in Manufacturing Engineering Technologies. Currently, my team and I have launched this  start up, UVSET inc., where we designed a cleaning apparatus for commercial doors, heading as Chief Operations Officer.

From my education, I have learned the technical skills to be utilized in the industry. For my senior capstone project, I helped design a multi-functional Data Acquisition (DAQ) training set for thermo-fluids applications. By applying the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer, an experimental thermo-fluid systems setup can be created to be integrated with the virtual simulation program called LabVIEW.

Rayhan Shanavas

Rayhan Shanavas

I am Rayhan Shanavas, a curious and passionate 16 year old committed to helping solve global healthcare problems especially the ones that get augmented due to socioeconomic disparities. I am a part of DiscoverSTEM which has not only deepened my ability to understand the problem but to broaden the solutioning landscape before choosing an ideal technologically sustainable, economically viable, commercially acceptable effective user freindly solution which I also fostered as a member of TiE Hyderabad 2023. Having led marketing, and communications for OakridgeBMUN, TEDx at my school and combining my knowledge as EDI Head of leveraging diverse channels/like minded youth to implement Equitable Healthcare solutions, as founder of Aequitas, Synapse and Kindness India, I am honored to bring forward UVSet to prevent the negative impacts of the unseen infectious organisms that harbor on the doors we touch every day.

UVSET is a product-based company focused on bringing new and important innovations that will create lasting impacts in order to help create a safer and more efficient world. Here at UVSET we are dedicated to delivering high quality products to our customers’ doors.